Who is Chris Kruger?

Chris Kruger is a professional tour and safari guide and has been guiding tourists through the southern African region for the past 18 years

He has made hundreds of journeys to various wildlife parks and nature destinations

He is registered in South Africa with FGASA (Field guide association of South Africa) and DEAT (Department of environmental affairs and tourism)

Chris started his own safari company to share his passion for the great outdoors, the African bush and wildlife with others.

He is also an avid birdwatcher and is a member of Birdlife South Africa www.birdlife.org.za

Chris also enjoys mountain biking, hiking and photography and is based near Pretoria, South Africa


Chris Kruger


Did you know?

An elephant’s heart beats at about 30 beats per minute and it can lift about 275kg (600lb) with its trunk.

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- - - - - - - - - - What an experience with Chris and his crew, Thanks a million!! - Tristan Krimble - - - - - Africa wasn't what I expected, it was much better! - Andrew Hall - - - - -

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